Travis Kelce breaks down in tears while talking about how he feels about brother’s retirement

Travis Kelce breaks down in tears while talking about how he feels about brother's retirement

On Monday afternoon, Jason Kelce held a news conference in Philadelphia to announce his retirement from the NFL. The veteran Eagles center and near-Hall of Famer delivered an emotional statement, breaking down in tears before he even began, as the weight of calling it a career hit him full force.


In his speech, he thanked teammates and coaches, but it was when he mentioned his family that he was once again caught up in the passion of the occasion. That sensation was shared by his brother Travis, who taped the newest episode of the New Heights podcast back home in Cleveland after being recognized with a bobblehead during the Cavs’ game against Boston on Tuesday night.


As Travis explained, the two never discussed Jason’s retirement decision much because Travis wanted to avoid selfishly pushing his brother to return for another year, tearfully explaining to his brother just what Jason’s career meant to him.



Travis mentioned that having Jason one step ahead of him in football served as a flotation device for him when he needed counsel or someone who understood what he was going through.


Now that’s gone, he admits it feels a little hollow, but he’s also glad for Jason. It’s a very sensitive moment between the brothers, and it’s important to show to the public. It’s two of the finest players to ever play their respective positions, who also happen to be brothers, expressing their feelings and passion for both the game and each other on camera.


That, along with the inside tales and amusing moments, has been the finest part of their podcast, and this time being in the same room only further showed that brotherly love and connection they have.

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