Travis Kelce Tells Taylor Swift He Wants to ‘Spend She Rest of His Life With Her’

They were literally swept away. On March 21, when the soothing turquoise waters washed around them in the Bahamas, Taylor Swift couldn’t stop kissing her beau, Travis Kelce. “And when they weren’t making out, they were deep in conversation,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “It was clearly an incredibly intimate moment.”



Travis Kelce continues love story with Taylor Swift by making declaration



But that was also the moment Taylor agreed! “Travis told Taylor he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and she told him she feels the same,” a source claims of the couple, who have been together for nine months and exchanged “I love you’s” a while ago. “It wasn’t an official proposal, but they’re committed to each other, and they spent the weekend celebrating in paradise.”



The getaway was exactly what they needed. Taylor, 34, had just completed the arduous Asia part of her Eras Tour, just after Travis won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. “They’ve been seeing each other, but they haven’t been on a proper vacation,” the person said. “They wanted to get away and relax, just the two of them, with no distractions.”



Fans Spot Major Clue That Travis Kelce Recorded New Interview at Taylor Swift’s House



They might as well have been in the honeymoon suite. The couple slept at Harbour Island’s luxury Rosalita House, which costs $15,000 per night and features a pool, sprawling terraces, lush gardens, and a fully equipped gym, as well as a complete staff. Taylor, dressed in a little yellow bikini, and Travis, who defended his dad bod on his podcast by saying, “It’s March!”, also went for a boat trip and were fed a romantic supper on the pink sand beach. “But most of the time,” says the witness, “they were completely alone.”



So they had plenty of time to chat. “Travis has been pretty open about how in awe of her he is in public, so of course he wears his heart on his sleeve in private,” a source said of the 34-year-old athlete, who has frequently expressed delight in his girlfriend’s remarkable success. “She’s as much of a professional as anybody I’ve ever met, and she just has a desire and a love for what she does,” he’s gushed of how she inspires him.

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