Taylor Swift’s beau produces new documentary while Gagosian shows LA works

Taylor Swift's beau produces new documentary while Gagosian shows LA works

The pop superstar Taylor Swift is everywhere—and so is her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the American football star who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.



Kelce has signed up as a producer of a new documentary about the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat called King Pleasure, named after a Los Angeles show from 2022.



“[The Basquiat estate] granted us incredible access to their trove of materials and we are excited to collaborate with the [documentary] director [Quinn Wilson] who has a dazzling vision for an intimate and emotional portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s life,” Jordan Wynn, the president of Boardwalk Studios, told Deadline magazine.



Basquiat fever never ends; Gagosian gallery in Beverly Hills is hosting yet another show of the artist’s works focused exclusively on pieces he produced in Los Angeles (Made on Market Street, until 1 June).



Canny Larry Gagosian was ahead of the curve when he first invited Basquiat to Los Angeles, presenting his work for the first time on the West Coast in 1982.

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