Taylor Swift Spotted in a Bar at West Hollywood in LA For a Friend’s Birthday

Taylor Swift was spotted at a local Los Angeles gastropub, celebrating someone’s birthday. Despite speculations, there was no indication of her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at the party.







Exclusive photographs and videos acquired by TMZ show Taylor’s relaxed evening in West Hollywood on Thursday night. The singer, followed by a companion, strolled into Barney’s Beanery, where about seven other people had congregated in a booth near the window.







Taylor appeared to be trying to blend in, mingling with a mix of older and younger people while keeping a low profile. However, it’s difficult to remain ignored when you’re a chart-topping phenomenon like Taylor Swift.

Her bodyguards kept a tight eye from the outside, but there was no visible security personnel inside the restaurant. After spending about two hours at the celebration, Taylor bid farewell to the birthday celebrant, politely left the area.



Swift spent a couple hours talking and eating before heading out — and having one of her security guards pay the tab upon her exit.



While the pop star arrived with a friend, her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, was nowhere in sight. The couple has been spending time together in California while on a break from his NFL season and her Eras Tour.

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