Kylie Kelce is Confronted by ‘Drunk’ Woman After Being ‘Harassed For a Photo’ at Restaurant

There is a fine line between what fame means and what comes with it. One of the most difficult elements is always seeming cheery in front of the cameras or maintaining a positive attitude regardless of what is actually happening. Jason and Kylie Kelce had a nasty interaction with a fan.



Beyond what fame means, there should always be respect for the other person’s privacy and personal space, and Kylie Kelce did not receive that. This incident has triggered a larger discussion regarding the roles and bounds of fan contacts with celebrities. Kylie Kelce has been caught on camera in a heated fight with a fan who allegedly ‘harassed’ her and husband Jason for a photo when they were out on a date night during Memorial Day weekend.

The video shows Travis Kelce’s brother and sister-in-law confronted by the woman outside a New Jersey restaurant, who shouts at Kylie, ‘I don’t give a f**k who you are, you’ll never be permitted in this town again!’
Kylie is then heard stating, ‘I can smell the booze on your breath, you’re embarrassing yourself.



The video, published on Instagram by @wttwpodcast, alleges Kylie and Jason were at Steve & Cookies Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Margate City, New Jersey, when the incident occurred. They were believed to be in traffic when the fan approached and asked for a photo, but Kylie ‘politely’ declined her approaches.

The pair met on Tinder and dated for nearly a decade before marrying in 2018. Among the insults and shoves, the woman, who was visibly upset, yelled that the Kelces would never be welcome in Jersey Shore. Despite Kylie’s efforts to avoid the unstable woman and keep out of her way, she was forced to warn her that she was embarrassing herself in front of everyone there.

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