Jessica Capshaw Reveals how She Once Became Text Buddies with Taylor Swift

Jessica Capshaw Reveals how She Once Became Text Buddies with Taylor Swift

Before Taylor Swift changed her number, Jessica Capshaw disclosed that she was texting pals with the singer.

In the April 4 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Grey’s Anatomy alum Jessica Capshaw discussed her relationship with the Grammy Award-winning musician and how they connected initially.



Jessica Capshaw Was Text Buddies With Taylor Swift
Jessica Capshaw, 47, who played Arizona Robbins on the venerable television show Grey’s Anatomy, reflected on their first meeting in a crowded room: “This is how it happened. The room I was in was packed. Looking at her across the room, I can’t help but fangirl. She then turned to face me. I then turn to face her. And I ask myself, ‘Who is she staring at?’ She had me in her sights.”



She continued, “She says to me, ‘You are one of my favorite stars on television. ’A – Oh my god,” I thought to myself. And B: Am I the main character?”

Jessica Capshaw Reveals how She Once Became Text Buddies with Taylor Swift



A few years later, they ran into each other again in a restaurant, which sparked an unplanned get-together. “I asked her to join us for a seat. She did, too. After that, we chatted for about an hour and a half. Most likely, it lasted for forty-five minutes. An hour and a half passed.”



Recalling the conversation, Capshaw expressed how much fun it was. For a brief while, the bond flourished as the 34-year-old Swift received recordings of her kids performing her hit songs from Grey’s Anatomy.



After the pop star reportedly changed her phone number, the actress recalled, “My babies were singing Shake it Off in the bathtub, and I would send her videos, and she would respond, then the communication stopped. We attended the 1989 tour after that. I think she changed her number.”



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