Influencer makes wild Travis Kelce confession

Travis Kelce’s wallet took a hit for Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl luxe suite

Australian social media sensation Millie Ford has revealed she met Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce about a year before the global superstars started dating.



Ford made the revelation on her latest podcast Missed the Memo, saying how she met Kelce in the VIP section at a DJ gig on a night out with friends in New York.



Influencer makes wild Travis Kelce confession



She was wearing a mask inside the VIP area which was making people laugh and steal it from her, when she noticed a “cute” guy standing on the side who was pointing at her. “He was going, oh my god what is that?” she said

She asked her friend if she should go over and talk to the “cute” man, and when she went over, unknowingly to an NFL legend, her friend started filming the interaction.



“(He’s) talking me to we’re having a laugh … can you take off your mask, kind of thing and we’re just kind of dancing and he commented on my accent,” she said.



Influencer makes wild Travis Kelce confession



“Oh my gosh you are Australian.” Ford said she could not hear the guy speaking to her so she went back to her friends and they’re jaws dropped. “Do you know who that is?” they said to her. “Oh my gosh it is only like the greatest tight end of all time Travis Kelce.”

Ford had no idea who the cute man was fumbling his name. “Everyone was like, how did you not know, but hey I don’t watch American football,” she said.

“I had no idea he was going to end up dating Taylor Swift. “Do no come for me Swifties, nothing happened and I am very happy for Taylor and Travis.”

Influencer makes wild Travis Kelce confession

Ford is a comedian and digital content creator who has more than 1.5 million followers on TikTok. She started off creating viral videos imitating school teachers that have been viewed by the millions.

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