Lip Reader Reveals What Julia Roberts Said to Travis Kelce at The Eras Tour in Dublin

Julia Roberts wowed fans when she was photographed grabbing Travis Kelce during Taylor Swift’s third and final Dublin Eras Tour performance. The 56-year-old Notting Hill actress was among the celebrities that attended Taylor’s star-studded Dublin event on Sunday. Julia’s connection with the Fearless hitmaker’s sporting beau Travis, however, sparked widespread interest.



In a video uploaded on social media, Julia was seen conversing with Travis while clutching his chest, which one fan characterized as ‘strange’. An amateur lip reader has discovered that Julia appeared to be sharing her admiration for the megastar pair, saying she was’so pleased’ for Taylor and Travis.

The fan-turned-lip-reader published the video on X, formerly Twitter, and wrote: ‘Guys, is Julia Roberts saying “I’m so happy for you guys” to Travis? That’s so cute. The footage sent viewers into a frenzy as they freaked out about the all-star interaction.



They wrote, “Julia Roberts loves the Big Yeti, Travis Kelce…” If it wasn’t Pretty Woman herself fooling around with Trav, I’d be legit mad,’; ‘Julia Roberts is as gagged as the rest of us that he’s shown up and for 1989 no less,’; ‘not julia roberts tickling travis pls,’; ‘People are forgiving her cause she’s Julia Roberts but those little chest scratches are so weird,’;

‘Him not knowing what to do with julia roberts in these videos is so funny,’; ‘I want whatever julia roberts been smoking to have the guts to scratch travis like that,’; ‘Travis kelce and julia roberts why do this feel like a fever dream im crying,’; ‘Julia Roberts is wildin in the VIP tent.’



To honor the Fleetwood Mac star, 76, who attended the Dublin event, Taylor sang Clara Bow, which features a verse dedicated to Stevie, for the first time as the surprise song. The 34-year-old Fearless hitmaker gave a speech ahead of her performance, paying tribute to her ‘hero’ Stevie, whom she hailed for being a groundbreaking female musician.

‘The reason I want to play this tonight is because a friend of mine is here who is watching the show and has been one of the reasons why I, or any female artist, got to do what we do,’ Taylor explained.



‘She’s made relationships with so many female artists just to lend a helping hand. I cannot tell you how uncommon that is. ‘She’s become friends with so many female artists just to be a guiding hand. I can’t tell you how rare that is. ‘She’s a hero of mine and also someone that I can tell any secret and she’d never tell anybody. She’s really helped me through so much over the years. I’m talking about Stevie Nicks!’

Stevie could be seen in the VIP section wearing a face mask, as she was spotted recording the entirety of Taylor’s touching tribute. Taylor’s third and final concert in Dublin proved to be as star-studded as the shows in days past, with Julia Roberts among the big names in attendance.

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