Kim Kardashian’s Friend Allison Statter Shares Why She Loves Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian’s Friend Allison Statter Shares Why She Loves Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian’s childhood friend, Allison Statter, doesn’t have bad blood with Taylor Swift‘s music. “I hate to say this but I will sometimes put on some Taylor Swift,” Statter, 44, said when asked what her go-to music style was to get pumped up on the Tuesday, July 9, episode of the “9 to 5ish With theSkimm” podcast. “Here’s the thing, she’s musically probably one of, if not, the greatest songwriter of our generation.”



Statter shared that it wasn’t just Swift’s catchy beats she adores but the deeper meaning behind her music that really resonated. “Her music is so fantastic to me,” Statter gushed. “Her morals and the things that she represents as it relates to women empowerment and friendship and things like that are very difficult for me.”



In addition to Swift, Statter confessed that she also includes Harry Styles, Vampire Weekend, Katy Perry and John Mayer on her daily playlist. “I kind of bounce around the female pop world and this kind of country-folk-cool vibe,” she explained.

Statter recalled a time when she and Kardashian, 43, went to see a Madonna concert in Los Angeles when they were kids. The marketing CEO shared that she and Kim were joined by her mom, Kris Jenner, and sister Kourtney Kardashian.



Statter and Kim have been longtime friends as they grew up in Southern California together. Their connection has only gotten stronger over the years as Statter has accompanied Kim to various events over the years. “From a friendship perspective, she’s just a fiercely loyal and trustworthy friend,” Statter said of the Kardashians star on Tuesday. “I’m very lucky for her.”



However, Swifties know all too well that Kim and Swift don’t have the best relationship. The women have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. The feud began in 2016 when Kim released footage of a phone call between her ex-husband Kanye West and Swift discussing his song “Famous.”



Kim included a series of snake emojis in the post. After the drama, Swift took a step back from the public eye but made her return one year later when she entered her Reputation era. Kim later declared she had “moved on” from her drama with Swift.



However, Swift dropped the track “thanK you aIMee” on her 2024 album The Tortured Poets Department. The song has been speculated to be about the reality star as the capitalized letters spell out “KIM” and it talks about a fictional bully named Aimee.


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