Here’s Why Taylor Swift Broke Down in Tears Over Boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Birthday

Here's Why Taylor Swift Broke Down in Tears Over Boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Birthday

In a serendipitous alignment of significant life events, Taylor Swift‘s choice of Travis Kelce as her boyfriend seems to carry a profound connection to cherished anniversaries in the singer’s life.



Notably, the birthday of her late grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, which coincidentally falls on the same day as Kelce’s, per MARCA.



Here's Why Taylor Swift Broke Down in Tears Over Boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Birthday



Following Finlay’s passing in 2003, Swift was moved to pursue her musical dreams, a decision that has since defined her extraordinary career. The influence of her grandmother on Swift’s life is beautifully encapsulated in the song Marjorie, a track from Taylor’s quarantine album Evermore.

The song is a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother, embodying the life lessons and memories that Swift holds dear. It specifically emphasizes qualities such as kindness and cleverness that were passed down from Finlay.



Fans were moved by this intimate tribute during Swift’s Eras tour, showcasing the deep connection and impact Finlay had on the I Knew You Were Trouble singer’s life.





The lyrics of Marjorie reflect the profound sense of loss and longing for guidance that Swift experienced after Marjorie’s passing. Lines like “I should’ve asked you questions / I should’ve asked you how to be / Asked you to write it down for me” convey a poignant sense of regret and a desire for the wisdom her grandma could have shared.

The commitment to fulfilling Finlay’s dreams is palpable in Swift’s endeavors, and fans argue that her reported relationship with Travis Kelce doesn’t diminish the enduring legacy of Finlay.

Instead, it’s seen as a celebration of love and happiness, in line with the principles her grandmother instilled in the pop icon. A noteworthy detail is that Marjorie is the 13th track on her Evermore album.


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This number is particularly significant to Taylor as it happens to be her favorite. More than just a numerical preference, 13 holds personal importance as it corresponds to Taylor Swift’s birthday: December 13. The intricate connections between Swift’s personal life, her artistry, and her newfound romance with Kelce had created a mosaic of significance that resonates with fans.

The rumored relationship is not seen as a departure from Swift’s profound connection to her grandmother but rather as a continuation of a journey shaped by love, loss, and the enduring legacy of Marjorie Finlay.

Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, recently shared a glimpse into her private chat with Taylor Swift during a Kansas City Chiefs game, shedding light on a football lesson Swift sought from her.

Here's Why Taylor Swift Broke Down in Tears Over Boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Birthday

Donna Kelce appeared on the Today show, where co-host Craig Melvin playfully inquired about the content of their conversation within the VIP box. Initially, Donna cheekily responded, “I’ll never tell you!” amidst laughter from the co-anchors.

However, she then offered a hint about the topic, explaining that Swift had a technical football question. Donna elaborated, mentioning a scenario involving commercial breaks, orange gloves, and a signal for the end of the break.

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